Your Perspective in Prayer

An accurate view of God is crucial for hearing Him correctly.

Psalm 95:6-8

Sometimes our conversations with God are fruitful. Other times prayer feels like talking to a wall. But in fact, we shouldn’t be surprised by such variation. Why would we expect our prayer life to remain uniform when we ourselves aren’t the same every day?

How we speak and listen to God depends on …

Our understanding of who God is. The way we view the Lord changes the way we hear Him. For example, if you see God as a loving Father, you will hear His encouraging voice and accept His loving discipline. But if you see Him as a harsh, demanding Father, then you may feel as though you can never live up to His expectations.

Our attitude toward God. If we come to the Lord with a proud or rebellious nature, we’re less likely to hear His voice or accept His authority. However, when we have an open or curious nature, we’re more prepared to hear—and joyfully receive—what He is communicating.

Next time you pray, take a moment to ask yourself, How am I picturing God right now? Is my heart open to Him? If anything negative comes to mind, remember verse 7 of today’s psalm: “We are the people of [God’s] pasture and the sheep of His hand.”